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Houston Digital Instruments

HDI Instruments, LLC is a world leader in manufacturing field proven oilfield instrumentation. HDI offers a variety of pressure gauges, pump stroke counters, choke position indicators, 4-20mA transmitters, and other instrumentation used throughout the oilfield to monitor critical pressures and well control variables. All of HDI instrumentation is electronic, which gives the user a higher level of safety and accuracy compared to hydraulic alternatives.

Safeguard Technology Inc

For over 25 years, Safeguard Technology has been preventing slip-and-fall injuries in harsh Petroleum environments worldwide. Safeguard manufactures a full line of Hi-Traction® and HiGlo-Traction® Anti-Slip Step, Walkway, and Ladder Rung covers in steel and composite base materials. Impact and corrosion-resistant, SAFEGUARD® Anti-Slip Covers will provide years of slip prevention. Safety messaging and glow-in-the-dark colors provide additional safety features

Greene Tweed

Greene, Tweed & Company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty seals and engineered plastic components. Its products are used in a wide range of applications in the aerospace and defense, chemical, petrochemical, oilfield equipment manufacturing, industrial hydraulics, pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology, and semiconductor industries. While many competitors in recent years have chosen to concentrate on standardized products that can be produced in high volumes, Greene, Tweed has prospered by focusing on high performance applications.

Climax Lubricants & Equipment Co.

Climax primarily manufactures synthetic non-hazardous biodegradable valve lubricants/sealants and valve lubrication equipment and accessories used for the oil and gas energy industry. Climax offer a variety of valve lubricants/sealants, lubrication devices and accessories, depending on your needs. Climax Lubricants are made of the finest materials obtainable. They are constructed to act as a Hydraulic medium (to lift tapered plugs), seal against leakage and lubricate, in order to make the valve operate at its lowest torque

Lea-Der Coatings

Lea-Der Coatings, headquartered in Spruce Grove, Alberta, has been manufacturing safety equipment for the oil and gas industry for over two decades. Lea-Der provides complete and comprehensive one-stop shop for human & environmental safety protection and fire suppression.


Ciglow™ Industrial Services safe area electronic lighters offer flameless cigarette lighting solutions for all environments. Ciglow offer freestanding and wall mounted lighters designed to be installed indoors and out and perfect for employee smoking shelters and industrial use. Since 1966 Ciglow have been creating bespoke equipment under our Ciglow™ brand to protect workers and patrons from the threat posed by naked flames. The sectors we work in include oil and gas, refining and chemicals, power generation, storage and warehousing, health and social care and correctional facilities.

Neptune Flotation

Neptune Flotation is the leading pipe float manufacturer internationally. Capable of floating pipe, cable, and hose, all of their products incorporate solutions to common issues the industry faces with pipe flotation applications.


For more than 80 years, BESTOLIFE™ Premium Compounds have lead the market for Drilling, Production and Industrial applications. With HONEY KOTE™ Oil and Gas drilling compounds and our new STINGER™ line of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) compounds, Bestolife offer a diverse lineup of superior lubricants that are proven to extend the life of drilling equipment and increase efficiency for drilling contractors on the toughest and most demanding drilling jobs.

Vappro Corrosion Control

Vappro Corrosion Control is the supplier of an extensive range of corrosion control products. Vappro products and experience are particularly relevant for stacking or mothballing Oil and Gas Rigs. Vappro products are used in many industries including oil and gas production and exploration, mining, maritime, manufacturing and construction etc. In addition defence forces around the world utilize Vappro products to protect and maintain their equipment with operational readiness.

Billy Pugh

Billy Pugh is an industry expert in personnel transfer equipment for the offshore industry, with nearly 50 years of experience in creating and customising safety transfer equipment and accessories. Billy Pugh's current personnel nets are still based on the original, thanks to its strength, solidity and clever design. All nets are manufactured to the ABS equipment type approval programme, with ABS certification available.

Wilden Air Operated Pumps.

Since 1955, Wilden® Pump & Engineering Company, LLC, has been the market leader in Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pump technology with a deep commitment to the pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction, innovation, research and development, and market knowledge. As the inventor of the AODD pump, Wilden introduces a constant flow of new innovations that have catapulted positive displacement pump and air distribution technology into the future. Adghal represent Wilden in Iraq region.

FIS Chemicals Ltd Rigwash Degreasers

FIS Chemicals Ltd has been established since 1980 formulating, manufacturing and supplying specialised cleaning and maintenance chemicals worldwide. FIS Chemicals are continually evolving its products to meet the needs of industry, environment and ecology. Our ranges of approved Rigwash Degreasers are ideal for use on the drill floor where heavy contamination can occur and can be diluted for general cleaning

Kong Impact Protection gloves

In 2008, the Oil & Gas Safety Committee, with representatives from ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, and many other respected industry leaders, put out a call-to-action to the industrial supplier market asking them to solve a lingering problem in their industry; hand safety. Eye, head, back and feet safety had been addressed, but hand injuries represented more than 70% of all injuries in the field. These injuries were not only causing harm to their employees, but were also costing a considerable amount of money and lost productivity. Ironclad Performance Wear, Orr Safety Corporation and the Oil & Gas Safety Committee joined forces to address this problem.

The KONG® brand is the result of this collaboration

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